Friday, August 2, 2013

Algebra 08.02.13

The last part of lesson two focuses on exponents. When a dealing with several variables multiplied together that have exponents the exponents can be added together to simplify the expression. For example if I have x^2*y^4*x^9*3 (where ^ is used to show there is an exponent) I can simplify to x^11*y^4*3.

Lesson three is about polynomials. The distributive property allows us to take the expression a(b+c) and simplify it to ab+ac. For example say we have the expression 5-(6-x) we can think of the negative sign as a -1 and distribute it to get 5-6+x or -1+x. When multiplying polynomials together make sure to multiply every term in the first polynomial by every term in the second polynomial. For example (x+2)(x+5)= x^2+5x+2x+10 which simplified is x^2+7x+10.

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