Friday, August 2, 2013

Twins 08.02.13

My girls are 7 months old today and very different. Rain is intense in her attention to things and small details, she is quiet and is always off exploring (even though she only scoots and rolls). Sometimes she squeaks when she is excited, she doesn't like sweet food as much as veggies. Her favorites are peas and plain cereal. Rain was the first to escape from the car seat when she's not strapped in and the first to figure out how to hold her own bottle. She's always examining objects and even her own hands just to see how they work. Today I watched her examine a Lego block for a good twenty minutes, just rolling it around putting her hand and fingers in all the holes.

River is more vocal and always wants to be the center of attention, where Rain examines new things River shakes them and tries to get them to make noise. She was the first to vocalize and giggle, her belly is ticklish too. River also growls at people and things, not an angry growl but just a very guttural sound, it's very comical, like a tiny dinosaur trying to be heard. She loves juice and the sweet fruity foods, when she doesn't want to eat something she blows raspberries to get it out of her mouth. Today while I was feeding her and Rain mixed veggies she blew most of it out and I got more on me then she ate. River is goofy, personable and loves to cuddle.

It's crazy to see how different they are. Rain is the little scientist trying to figure out how the world works and River is the social butterfly trying to mimic the big people.

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