Tuesday, October 25, 2016

what's up doc

One night, when I was ten or so, I woke up to the sheep crying outside. We owned several sheep and goats, as well as a few cats and dogs. Our home was a mini farm of sorts. That night was early spring, or as I knew it, lambing season. So at 3 am, hearing the sheep making that much noise, I figured that one of them was giving birth. Needless to say I jumped out of bed and ran to check on them. I rarely ever wore shoes at home and that night was no different. Unfortunately for me, that night one of our cats had decided to gift us with a dead bird. So when I ran outside I stepped on the bird and when I lifted my foot the bird came with. One of the birds bones had stuck into my foot! I broke the bird off, leaving a piece in my foot, and promptly informed my mom of what had happened. That morning she took me to the doctor and we were told the chunk of bone would work its way out. It did not... though it did eventually dissolve.

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