Saturday, October 22, 2016

Coursera Creative Writing: Plot assignment one Escalator

Jonah had just finished building a castle out of blocks and playdoh when his mother walked in carrying a box that was bigger than he was. Excited, Jonah reached towards the box and made the sign for "please" but she took one look at his filthy hands and sent him to the bathroom to clean up. Jonah ran to the bathroom and climbed the steps to the sink. He turned on the water but there was no soap so he pretended there had been and scrubbed anyway. Back in the kitchen Jonah spotted the box on top of the table but his mother was no where to be seen. Jonah was sure his mom wouldn't mind if he took one peek inside so he pushed the dog cage closer and crawled on top to get a better look. The box was covered in jungle print paper complete with Jonahs favorite animal, a tiger. Jonah reached for the box just as strong hands with gold rings picked him up and set him back on the floor. "Wait, it's a surprise" his mother signed. She pulled out a tray of veggies, complete with carrots, and told him to have a snack while he waited. Jonah wasn't hungry but he ate anyway and wondered what was in the giant box. He imagined he was a pirate and the box was a treasure chest aboard his ship but he didn't have a ladder to climb the side. He was just about to send his crow, (parrots talked too much and Jonah being deaf couldn't hear them anyway) to retrieve the box when his grandpa tapped him on the shoulder. His Grandpa smiled and said some things but Jonah wasn't very good at reading lips and just looked at him confused. Grandpa pointed at the box and signed "for you". Jonah jumped up and down as Grandpa opened the box and peered inside. Jonah thought he might explode with excitement. His eyes went wide and his mouth gaped as Grandpa pulled out a giant stuffed tiger and handed it to Jonah. Best birthday ever!

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